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Physician Support

Services for Physicians

Many times a physician needs a financial professional in their corner when dealing with their affiliated medical practices. This is true if you are an owner of a medical practice or an employee physician. We work directly with Physicians to represent their interest as it relates to the practice. Types of services for Physicians would include:

  • Buy-In to a medical group practice -we understand the intricacies of a medical practice and can provide valuable information regarding the financial aspects of the buy-in. For example, we can evaluate the practice's accounts receivable to ensure you are not overpaying, we also can assist in reviewing the financial statements to ensure the practice is financially sound with sufficient cash flows. We can review the buy-in calculations and review compensation agreements to ensure your desired outcome.
  • Buy-Out of your medical group practice - when the time has come to leave the practice for whatever reason, we can be the people in your corner looking over the numbers to ensure you are appropriately compensated. You have worked hard during your career and we want to see that you are paid your fair share! With our expertise with physician practices, we are uniquely qualified to review the financial data of the practice, related to your buy-out to make certain you receive your fair share.
  • Monthly Review of Production/Collection Data for Physician Owners or Non-Owners - do you ever think that you are working very hard but it doesn't seem like your collections support your level of services. We understand the correct reporting information to request and can monitor your accounts receivable and related collections to help ensure your company is doing their job billing and collecting for your services.