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With CUSTOM-FIT CFO Consultants, you only pay for the CFO services you need!

We serve small to mid-size businesses that are privately owned. Many small to mid-size businesses require the expert financial knowledge and skills of a CFO, but they might not need that CFO on a full-time basis. We have experienced CFO's, and we design our services to meet your specific needs.

A business may employ a controller or other accounting staff, but they still require a higher level of leadership that only a CFO can provide. We can provide a CFO that will work with your team on a regular part-time basis, enhancing your current staff's skills. Depending on your needs, our CFO can work with you a few hours a month or several hours a week.

A company may be in need of an interim CFO while they search for permanent placement. We can provide an experienced CFO on a temporary basis.

Or a business may have a particular project that requires a higher level of knowledge that only a CFO possesses. For example, a company may need assistance with reviewing the potential purchase of another company or preparing a company for sale to obtain the highest sales price.

CUSTOM-FIT CFO Consultants can be just the solution for a company that needs a CFO's knowledge, but just not all of the time!


For your convenience, we have provided a few financial tools/resources.

Use the Financial Calculators to assist you in budgeting, financial planning, or determining loan payments.