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CFO Services

Do you ever find that you are in need of some higher-level financial assistance that your present accounting staff just can’t provide, whether that be on a regular monthly basis or just for certain projects? Possibly you are not sure if your cash controls are sufficient to prevent theft, or you’re not sure if you are properly collecting all of your revenue, or you’re just not getting the information you need from your financial statements.  Maybe you need help evaluating a business acquisition or need a budget prepared. If so, I may be just the solution for you. My expertise includes;

‚ÄčFinancial & Reporting Issues:

  • Business Check-Up: We can perform a business check-up by analyzing key performance indicators to highlight areas of concern.
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis: On a monthly basis, we can analyze operational results by reviewing key performance indicators and trends to help identify areas where the company can improve profits. We could also assist with financial statement preparation as needed.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting: Budgeting is crucial for a company's profitable operations. It provides a company with a method to plan out their revenue and expenses and set goals for an upcoming period. Preparing budgets also provides a way to track their progress toward that goal. We can help prepare a company's annual budget and monitor their actual results to the goal.
  • Cash Management & Improvement: Anticipating future cash flows is critical for a business owner. We can help prepare cash projections and help to develop a cash flow management plan.
  • Assistance Obtaining Bank Financing: Navigating the bank requirements for obtaining financing can be challenging. We can help you through the process of qualifying for bank financing. We can also help to monitor and maintain financial covenants.
  • Analyze Acquisitions: We can provide a company with the expertise necessary to evaluate a potential business acquisition.
  • Plan & Execute Exit Strategy: If a business is planning on selling in the near or long term, an owner should be strategically planning for their exit. We can help prepare a company for a future sale to help the owners obtain the best value.

We can assist in many other ways such as:

  • Expense Analysis & Control
  • Setting up a new general ledger account structure, to allow for better financial statement reporting-for example to allow reporting by office location
  • Software Implementation Assistance
  • Establishing Internal Controls & Procedures
  • Assisting Accounting Departments
  • Compensation Plan Development